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Game 35 Open Thread- A's (16-16) at Royals (11-23)

After a thrilling 3-2 victory on Wednesday night, the last thing anyone wants is to see the Royals turn around and lose this afternoon, dropping another series' rubber game and falling just a little further under .500.

With last night's game-winning home run in the bottom of the 8th, Mike Sweeney moves into second place in team history, all by his lonesome at 194. Goodbye Amos Otis! Still, that wasn't even enough to make him the Boyfriend of the Day.

Hat tip to Meche, Riske (I know), Gobble and Soria on a game well-pitched. Meche turned in whats becoming his typical game: the inevitable unearned run, tons of pitches thrown, but clean innings. Last night featured a little more walks, and a little fewer singles. As to be expected given the competition I suppose.

Today its the return of Luke Hudson, an Andy Sisco Award candidate and sometime staff "ace" during last season's run to glory.