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Game 37 Open Thread- Royals Review at the Cell

Scott Elarton, the Self Appointed Team Effort Inspector for the 2006 season makes his '07 debut tonight at the Cell.Last season, when he wasn't calling out his teammates and supposedly suffering as a "tough-luck" pitcher, Elarton went 4-9 with a 5.34 ERA, falling short of the lofty All-Star standards set by fellow Baird stopgap Mark Redman.

In over 1,000 big league innings, Elarton owns a 5.13 ERA; at the Cell however, Elarton sports a 3.51 ERA, a byproduct, no doubt, of his brief run at competence with the Indians.

To mark this glorious return, my girlfriend and I are invading US Comiscular, sporting our Royals Review T-Shirts (buy yours today!). I don't own a camera, but there might be photos... Ohh, and we don't have tickets. My goals for the night are a) not being killed/beaten by Sox fans and b) getting some photos and chatting with the Royals pre-game (admittedly, the girlfriend is an aide in this effort... last time we were at the Cell, Runelyvs tossed us a baseball). Seeing a win is secondary really; i've vented enough rage this week already.

The White Sox counter with Mark Buerhle, who has both an unspellable name, and an appreciation for his wife on Mother's Day.