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Game 43 Open Thread- Royals (15-27) at Rockies (17-24)

Win one for the people of Gove, Kansas!

The battle for Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado begins tonight in Denver, as Jorge de la Rosa (4-3, 3.68 ERA) takes the mound with the fate of the western front of the Royals-Rockies turf war in his hands. Previously wild, de la Rosa has walked only 12 men this season, in over 50 innings of work. Just last season, Rosey posted a 8.60 ERA with the Brewers (30.1 IP) and a 5.18 ERA (48.2 IP) with the Royals.

For now, its been de la Rosa, not Gil Meche, who has been the real story of the spring, considering that many of us didn't think Rosey was a major league pitcher a month ago. With Meche (19.3 VORP, 7th overall) and Rosey (8.1 VORP, 69th overall) the Royals just might have a nice 1-2 foundation... Still ridiculously too early to say of course, but, if we held ourselves to that standard, I'd be left posting blank pages every day.

Of course, its also another chance for Buddy Bell to return to the mountains, shouting AVENGE ME!! to his charges. Bell managed the Rockies from 2000-2, leading them to heights most glorious:

The Baseball Man Who Went Up a Hill and ...Buddy Bell in Colorado

2000: 82-80
2001: 73-89
2002: 6-16

Interleague Play: Its all about the rivalries, especially in the battleground counties.