Stadium renovations

The Royals today unveiled final designs for the renovations to Kauffman Stadium.

KC Star: Kauffman Stadium Renderings

They have scrapped the 9,500 seat amphitheater that was to have been outside the stadium. They have also thankfully scrapped the bullpens along the foul lines. Instead, the stadium appears to have:

-Bullpens parallel to the outfield wall, but about half the size of what they are now. Additional seats will take up the rest of the room.
-Wider concourses
-Promenade beyond the outfield seats, with a restaurant, Slugger's Lairrr, the Royals Hall of Fame, and possibly other fan amenities
-Eliminated Jumbotron. The Crown Scoreboard will be fitted with HD screens.
-More bathrooms per seats than any other MLB stadiums

The Royals also agreed to cover the costs of the video equipment they previously requested, and they kicked in an additional $6 million. They plan to begin construction this October, and be done by spring 2010.

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