Question: Why in the world is Buck still batting 8th?

We all know Buck is having his best year ever. So why does Buddy continually pencil him in at #8 in the order?

The lineup analyzer at gives the 30 best lineups based on these guys playing:

All it asks for is their OBP and SLG, then it sorts out which lineup would score the most runs per game.

Out of all 30 "best lineups," Buck is batting 4th every single time.

Out of the 30 "worst lineups," Buck is batting 9th every single time.

The 5, 6, and 7  spots have been black holes the whole season, so why not put Buck 4th to help him drive in guys who actually get on base (DDJ, German, Teahen)?

Buck has had 57 plate appearances with men on base. Sweeney, the usual #4, has had 81 plate appearances.

As long as Pena is hitting behind Buck, pitchers will continue to pitch around Buck, hence his much higher BB rate this year. Make pitchers have to pitch to him, Buddy!

Free John Buck.

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