Who is Mark Teahen? (warning, EQA and PECOTA mentioned...)

What do the Royals have with Mark Teahen?  His season so far is basically nailing his 75th percentile PECOTA projection--.299 EQA vs. .304 Projected EQA.  His BA and OBP are roughly in line with his 90th percentile projection and his SLG's right at his 50th percentile projection.  He's striking out more than projected, but his high walk rate is keeping his K/BB ratio in line.  By VORP, he's the fifth best RF in baseball, but if I was starting a team right now, I'd probably take him over three of the four guys ahead of him in VORP (Shawn Green, Magglio, Griffey).  He's already an above-average fielder and could become elite with time.  He runs the bases exceedingly well, takes walks, hits to all fields and has no discernible split disadvantage.  So, my question:  Who is Mark Teahen?  How excited can we get about him?  Will he develop the 30-35 HR power that elevates him to superstar status or is .500 SLG the best fans can hope for?  Is he a difference-maker or a solid role player?

I have no answer, but to me, this (along with Buck's development) is the most exciting storyline of the '07 season.  Is Mark Teahen a star?  And if you're having trouble getting excited about the Royals, how does this '08 opening day lineup strike you?: DeJesus, Teahen, Butler, Gordon, Shealy, Buck, Costa, German, Pena.  (I doubt we'll see this lineup because of the back-to-back lefties and righties, but that's ridiculous.  Teahen's a perfect two hitter.  

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