This is my mantra... negative or not...

We have given the clown almost two months of the season.  He has posted how many lineups?  He has made how many bone head moves that have cost us games?  His comments are something that a 9th grader would say after a JV game.  Does he care or is he just in it for the health insurance?

I can't see any logical reason for waiting until the end of the season.  Salary...let him set home and collect it in Arizona.  At least maybe the lineups would be different.  Are we improving as a team?  Maybe for a couple of games...but on the whole...not.

We put dying animals out of their misery.  Lets give the Royal fans a break and put us out of our misery and bring in Frank White for the remainder of the season.  At least we could feel good about who we have at the helm while we are losing.

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