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Game 52 Open Thread- Orioles (23-27) at Royals (19-32)

The Royals look to reverse their recent misfortunes in a Memorial Day matchup against the Baltimore Orioles.

Appropriately enough, the Royals will square off on Monday night against Steve Trachsel (3-3, 3.77 ERA) who proudly served his country in the Korean War. Luckily, Buddisimo Bell fully understands why the Royals fell back to Earth, and has a game plan ready to stop the bleeding:

"The last four games, it sounds like we're talking about the same game," manager Buddy Bell said. "Not enough pitching. Not enough offense."

Step one in Bell's Plan For Victory (notice the date) involves Lamar Colorado's secret weapon, the Self-Appointed Team Effort Inspector, Scott Elarton (1-0, 6.00 ERA). In fourteen career starts at the K, Elarton is 1-5 with a 6.13 ERA.

Hmm... Elarton and Trachsel? This might be a four hour game.