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So, Lemme Get This Straight...

The Royals win eight-of-ten games (a good portion of which were on the road, no less) climbing to 19-28 and inviting some not-that-insane discussion of perhaps their being maybe the 10th or 11th "best" team in the AL. Yes, pathetically small fries, but what can we say? Thats what we've been reduced to.

The Royals woke up on May 24th with a chance to sweep the Indians, and with 4th place vaguely in sight.

Since then, the following has happened:

May 24th: 10-3 loss to CLE
May 25th: 10-2 loss to SEA
May 26th: 9-1 loss to SEA
May 27th: 7-4 loss to SEA
May 28th: 9-1 loss to BAL

Nothing like "responding" to a random run of good fortune with a five-game losing streak, at home, by a combined score of 45-11.

Unstoppable baby!


(Bell photo: AP/Charlie Riedel)