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Game 53 Open Thread- Orioles (24-27) at Royals (19-33)

Tonight's Goals:

-Hold the opponent under 7 runs
-Only lose by 3-run margin
-Three extra-base hits and/or three walks drawn
-A correct lineup card from Bell (see 1997 and 2005 entries here)
-Avoid fan rioting

After a few weeks of praising Jorge de la Rosa, I'm afraid to jinx him, so... we'll just wait and see what we get tonight, eh?

Fun Fact of the Day: According to BP's Defensive Efficiency Report, the Royals rank 27th in baseball in terms of turning balls-in-play into outs. 68.5% of non-homers end up becoming outs. By way of comparision, the worst team in baseball is Florida (67.9%), while the New York Mets are tops at 74.3%.