Possible Trade Scenario

Thanks for all the great posts yesterday guys. And thanks to the Royals and JDLR (where's this coming from???) for keeping us out of the loss column for once. I've been thinking more about the Reggie Sanders/Emil Brown logjam, and now I can think of one team that could use outfield offensive help right now - Oakland.  Bobby Kielty, Mark Kotsay, Chris Denorfia, and Milton Bradley are all hurt with no imminent return in sight. Piazza is now out 4-6 weeks, which will effectively turn Nick Swisher into the DH.  They recently traded for the struggling Ryan Langerhans only to trade him to Washington two days later for the struggling Chris Snelling.

Oakland seems desperate to find outfield help and will only become more desperate if Crosby, Ellis and Kendall keep struggling.  They are exactly the type of team that would show interest in taking a flier on Emil or Reggie right now (let's hope Reggie's MRI doesn't show anything serious).  They also have enough organizational depth that if they become desperate enough they may be willing to flip a B grade prospect, possibly more if the Royals eat the salary.  

And if not, an Emil for Brad Halsey trade sounds good to me.  Thoughts?    

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