What I saw at the game (May 03)

Attended the game today, sat in the cushy Dugout Box  seats. Very lovely, even had a young lady at the ready to wipe my seat down for me. Excellent!

Things I observed:
Meche was filthy. Strike zone was small, and the foul balls really added to his pitch count. Other than that, his location was excellent.

Butler at the plate, in person, looks like an old pro. He's one of those guys that when he steps in, you think he's going to get a hit, just by looking at him. Pretty sweet swing too.

Soria stumbled through the ninth, but they weren't really getting great swings. He works the corners, and when the strikezone isn't there, he's going to struggle a bit. Fastball topped out at 91 I think? Had a lot of poise though.

Oh! And Gordon. Got the sac bunt done pretty nicely, in his other at bats was fairly meh. Nothing too horrible though. Buck looked pretty bad at the plate again today though.

Good game all around. Duckworth looked really sharp. I had fun.

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