As bad as Buddy Bell is...

the Tampa Devil Rays manager is 10,000 times worse.

I had the misfortune of having to cheer on the Rays against the Twins because I have the Rays starting pitcher on my fantasy team.

The starter, throws a phenomenal 1 run game and gets in a little trouble in the 8th. With 1 out he allows 2 singles but the next 3 batters coming up are 0-8 against him. What does the manager do? He pulls his hot pitcher and then proceeds to let Sean fricking Camp with his 7.00 era come in and proceeds to let him pitch to the next 5 hitters as he loads the bases and allows 3 runs in before pulling him.

Sean Camp, ladies and gentlemen. Sean Camp. For 5 straight batters of which he retired 1.

How do some of these guys even have jobs? Seriously.

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