State of the Royals Address

Well, ladies and gentleman, here we are. We're stuck in 1997-2006 (excluding 2003). Nobody seems to be too worried about it. Buddy thinks that they just have to ride it out. Dayton is MIA. David Glass is making sure Wally World is keeping sweat shops fully operational and sucking the life out of hometown businesses. The fans that still care (all 12 of us) are ranting, raving and booing. The others have turned their backs on the guy who has been the only bright spot for the franchise in the past few years and they've already turned against the guy who is supposed to be the future. The Nationals aren't in this bad of a situation, folks. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I know I'm going to seem like Debbie Downer, but this season is only setting our timetable for competing back a few more years. I want someone to address this fan base. Whether it's Moore, Glass, Dean Taylor, Muzzy Jackson, or Slugger for God's sake. I want some answers. We saw how this team is capable of playing. They beat some good teams during the last winning stretch. I want to know what the hell is going on and what they plan on doing about it. There are some that don't want to fire Buddy. Okay, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but where are those people when we are losing 10-0, 10-3, 9-1? There are those who think that these players just aren't good enough. Okay, so why aren't we sending some of them packing? I finally broke down and posted a new diary (my first in a long time) for you to vent, scream, and share your feelings on where to go from here. Something has to change. As a franchise, we are worse than laughable at this point.

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