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Game 54 Open Thread- Orioles (25-27) at Royals (19-34)

Fans curious to experience a season sweep at the hands of the Orioles may find the answers they've been looking for tonight at the K. I can't think of anything more random than the Orioles-Royals rivalry, but since 2003 the immistakable fact is that the Marylanders own the Royals:

Royals versus the Orioles:

2004- 3-6
2005- 2-4
2006- 1-5
2007- 0-5 (one game remaining)

Well, at least the possible 0-6 season series against the O's will complete the perfect pattern of decline.

Of course, the Royals will certainly win tonight, because Gil Meche (3-3, 3.18 ERA) is a staff ace, man's man, and one tough S.O.B.; a man who can't be bothered to pose for a random head shot without looking mad as hell. Thats a face that says, "you annoy me with your mere existence Cameraman, you disgust me. And if you'll now excuse me, I've got some ass to kick."

Our hero squares off against Eric Bedard (3-3, 4.10 ERA). Bedard makes $3.4 million a year, so we know he isn't a real man. I feel sorry for his wife/girlfriend.

How low can you go? Royals attendance:

-May 25th: 28,651
-May 26th: 21,138
-May 27th: 16,091
-May 28th: 14,758
-May 29th: 13,556