BOD: Boyfriend of the Day May 3, 2007

I love winning streaks. I love getting some loving from my boys in blue. And despite my papers needing to be written, I'm still unwinding from the most stressful afternoon of packing and cleaning I think I have ever been through.

Our boyfriend tonight, because I feel he needs some congrats for his first career four hit game, Ross Gload.

So excited for his first Boyfriend of the Day, Gload Exploaded on the spot.

Gload had a good day. This one was for you, jmoney, this one was for you.

Smitten kitten has to go to Gil Meche.

Loyal2 caught Meche proclaiming 'I AM A BASEBALL GOD!' earlier today before his start...(ignore the Mariner's crap sitting around)

He retired 17 straight. The only player for the Angels that had his number was Vlad. And he is amazing. That is all.

Boyfriend Count
Exploadin' Gload: 1
DDJ: 2
Alemán: 1
Ducky: 1
Of the Rose: 1
Mr. T: 1
Sweeney: 1
John "Stormin' Mormon" Buck: 1
Zack Attack: 1
Soria: 1
Gilgameche: 1

Smitten Kitten Count
Gilgameche: 2
Of the Rose: 2
Gordon: 2
Sweeney: 2
The Skipper: 1
Explodin' Gload: 1
DDJ: 1
Soria: 1
Jalapena: 1
Grudz: 1

Honorable Mention Count
Soria: 1

Most Valuable Opponent
Weaver: 1

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