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Unstoppable Baby!

In honor of GOSM. Unstoppable baby!

Perhaps inspired by Meche's 7 IP, 2H, 2ER performance or Gload's 4-4 explosion the Royals Review Diaries are in flames right now, prompting the first ever need for a diary rescue.

-nycroyal lays out a possible trade scenario involving the Royals and the A's, who clearly need outfielders. Certainly we shouldn't be afraid of trading with Oakland any more, should we?

-spectator discusses the incredibly odd Gordon bunt, then intentional walk sequence in the 4th and 6th innings of today's game. Both managers prefer Buck over Gordon, who's right?

-slayor can now proudly say, "I was there when the Royals got to 10-19"

-royalsnation breaks down the royals from many different angles, positive and negative. A must read, as well as his suggestion that the Royals won't fight back, a potential issue if they continue to be plunked at record pace.

-CentralChamps raised the possibility of a B----- return, but it looks like, as Eppenweb points out, Costa's the man.

-Balto suggests that Bell might have rivals, and reminds us that Shawn Camp is still alive.

-Too soon to start worrying about Luke Hochevar struggling?

-And finally, Gil Meche earns the Smitten Kitten award while Gload's explosion makes him the boyfriend. Something jmoney42 told us all along would happen.