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Game 30 Open Thread- Tigers (16-11) at Royals (10-19)

The Royals take on the Tigers for the seventh time (2-4) this season tonight at the K. With a win, the Royals can improve to 7-9 at home, thanks in part to the stirring series split with the Angels.

Success or failure rests on the shoulder of Brian Bannister (0-1, 4.91 ERA), who makes his third start as a Royal. The Tigers counter with Justin Verlander (1-1, 2.79 ERA).

Send the Tigers back to the Pet Shop Boys.

Banny versus Verlander? We've got the Tigers right where we want 'em.

When BP's super computers simulate the rest of the season a million times, the Royals average a 73-89 record, even storming back to take the Central 3% of the time. Be sure to head to Bless You Boys and remind them that the Royals are in this to win this!