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Game 32 Open Thread- Durbin's Return!

After last night's 7-5 meltdown loss to the Tigers, I'm sure the Royals would like nothing more than to get right back on the field and start playing again. When you mix in the Chad Durbin (1-1, 6.39 ERA) revenge factor, that desire must be palpable. Even guys like Emil Brown, who weren't even in the American League in the Durbin years (1999-2002), know how proud this franchise is and how emotional it will be facing an ex-Royal returned to glory...

Durbin made 47 starts for the Royals during those four seasons, racking up 262 IP (53rd all time in team history) en route to an 11-22 record and a 6.01 ERA.

Once again, the Royals gave him 47 starts to prove he could post that 6.01 ERA.

And now you begin to understand just how strong the emotions will be today at the K. Another great returns home!

Durbin bounced around the Indian's system in 2003-4, ended up in Arizona in 2004, then resurfaced as a Tiger in 2006, appearing in relief three times. The amazing thing about his 2007 season, well other than its mere existence, is his completely dominant April 25th start against the White Sox. Durbin's line: 8IP, 3Hs, 0BBs, 9Ks, 0Rs.

Still, despite that tremendous start, even with those 8 innings of 0.00 ERA in the bank in a short season, his ERA is still at 6.39, right where he belongs.


Weather Update

Does anyone actually think this game will be played? The forecast for the afternoon in KC is for Heavy T'Storms, Wind and Lightning. The chance of rain is listed as 90% from 1-4PM, then a mere 80% from 5-6PM.

I predict that they don't call the game early, dragging fans to the ballpark for a miserable, delay-filled game, that eventually, reluctantly, does get called. To the great sadness of everyone associated with MLB, the Royals and the Glass family. Ohh, how they loathe the possibility of a doubleheader!


In honor of last night's loss and today's dreariness, I dedicate this Open Thread to Neil Clarke Warren, I'm sorry, Dr. Neil Clarke Warren. In this modern hell, only the computer and a delightful CEO/Religious Apologist/Ad-Man can truly tell us about love. 29 dimensions of TRUE COMPATIBILITY!!