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Game 66 Open Thread- Cardinals (28-34) at Royals (25-41)

The final showdown at the K starts shortly. Can the Royals rebound from Wednesday's horrible showing? Will more than 30,000 Royals fans show up at the game? How many Royals will get injured tonight?

Questions abound. I hope Buddisimo cranked up the Madonna in the locker room today to get the troops fired up.

The Cardinals send Kip Wells (2-10, 6.33 ERA) with the series on the line, while the Royals turn to the Self Appointed Effort Inspector (2-2, 7.34 ERA).

The following fascinates me about Elarton this season:

Stikeouts- 13
Walks- 15
HRs- 10

I never played the game, but I'm pretty sure thats not a good combination of events.