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Game 71 Open Thread- Royals (28-42) at Cardinals (30-36)

Didn't we just see this movie?

Just last week, Odalis Perez and RufusAdam Wainwright squared off at Kauffman Stadium, with Wainwright and Co. coasting to a 7-3 victory before 25,555 rabid fans. Although there will doubtlessly be a larger crowd tonight in St. Louis -- they're the smartest, coolest, bestest fans on the place of the planet after all -- is there any reason to expect much difference? Probably there is actually, given the variable nature of this game, but you can't help but feel that the Cardinals still hold an egde.

Somewhat hilariously, Matt Becker's STATS/AP game preview contends that the Cardinals are "surging" now, thanks to a good weekend in Oakland. While I've remained fairly mellow on the ultimate meaning of our own offensive explosion the past 10 days or so -- 17 runs twice, hitting over .300 as a team, etc. -- if the Cardinals are "surging" (30 wins! huzzaa!) then what does that make the Royals? I don't know enough scientific nomenclature to adequately answer my own cliched rhetorical question.


As you breathlessly await tonight's epoch altering contest, take time to reflect upon the immortal glory of Rey Sanchez, the 99th Best Royal Ever. Pregame discussion question: Does Jalepena have a shot to pass Sanchez?