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Royals Beat Cardinals; Keep Pressure on ChiSox

Behind a shockingly effective Odalis Perez (4-7, 6.06) the Royals snagged their 29th win of the season, staying 2.5 games behind the White Sox in the AL Central 4th Place Race.

A nice start from Odie, good relief work, a bundle of singles, and even an extra base hit from Ryan Shealy...

Unstoppable Baby!

I'm glad the "best fans in baseball" got to witness such a display.


ps- on the Gordon/Taguchi play, helluva play, but So was safe, no?

pps- Honest question, how many Cardinals don't seem good enough to play for a good college program at this point? I'll throw out some names: Taguchi, Miles Bennett, Schumaker.