Other thoughts on the I-70 matchups

A couple of unrelated items to discuss:

Tonight's pitching matchup reminds me of one of my favorite jokes from the second Jose Lima era in KC:

(Looks at Elarton's 8.54 ERA and K Well's 6.93) Are those ERA's, or PH levels?

Yes, it's the slightly acidic Kip Wells versus the very basic Scott Elarton. Chemistry will never be the same.

I LOVE watching the Cardinals broadcast and post-game show, WHEN we win. After last Thursday, Ricky Horton continually was bagging on Esteban German (apparently, he was upset at German's reaction the night before after breaking up Wainright's no-hitter; he thought Esty was WAY too celebratory).  Last night, when showing Dotel's reaction after ending the game with a strikeout, Al Hrabosky made a snide remark about Dotel - he said something like "you're the king of the world". Hrabosky has always seemed like he had a chip on his shoulder to me when it comes to STL-KC games. I don't remember how he left KC, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was some lingering animosity about it... They do seem to have good things to say about DDJ and Teahen every year (they should, since those guys have absolutely RAKED against STL).

Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of the passing of Jack Buck. Perhaps the gods were confused, mistook John Buck for kin, didn't realize he was wearing blue, and blessed him with a thunderbolt to dead center in honor of Jack. I hate the Cardinals with a passion, but have to say Jack Buck was one of the best announcers anybody will ever have the pleasure to listen to. His son, Joe, was actually good too, when he was only doing STL and playing straight man to Shannon's drunken idiot routine. Something happened to Joe when he hit the big time - now everything coming out of his mouth is overgrandiose, and he comes across as a pompous, arrogant ass. Once upon a time, he really was likeable, believe it or not.

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