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Game 77 Open Thread- Royals (30-46) at Angels (49-27)

The John Thompson Era begins tonight in California, as the Royals take on the streaking, surging, pulsating Angels. Think of Thomson as your own personal Scott Elarton, only with the former-Brave bonafides to make him that much more appealing.

In 1259.2 Major League innings, Thomson has thrown 4.69-ERA-ball. Although nearly all of that mediocrity has come in the National League, Thomson's also spent six seasons in either Colorado (pre-humidor) or Texas, so those ERAs in the high 4.00s aren't exactly chopped liver.

However, can we really trust those numbers from Thomson? It was the Steroid Era after all?

Thomson's Dark Past

-Thomson played with Denny Neagle on the '02 Rockies. Neagle played with Barry Bonds on the '92 Pirates.
-Thomson played with Kurt Abbott on the '99 Rockies. Abbott played with Mark McGwire on the '93 A's.
And the most damning of all:

Thomson played with Rafael Palmiero on the '03 Rangers

Can we be sure he was clean?

Thomson is also a distinguished alumnus of Blinn Junior College, a tantalizing option for those at my high school who couldn't meet the rigorous academic standards of Texas A&M, but who still wanted social access to the cultural highlights of College Station.

Thomson will square off against John Lackey (10-4, 2.96 ERA), another product of the Texas Higher Education System. Lackey specialized in French Art History at Grayson County CC in the late 1990s.  

Links While You Wait

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