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Game 78 Open Thread- Royals (31-46) at Angels (49-28)

Maybe the Royals should play all their games on the West Coast? Thanks to everyone who made last night's 600+ comment game thread(s) such a blast. Perhaps it was just the excitement generated by the John Thomson experience.

I'll keep this post skinny so as to not bump down NHZ's All-Star post too much. The big news regarding tonight's game is that the odd Teahen at first configuration is being put into play. Well, considering he was playing a solid defensive third base less than a year ago, I guess we can commend the Royals on firmly destroying his positional scarcity generated value. Usually it takes guys seven or eight years to move from infield, to outfield, to first. Nice.

Gil Meche (4-6, 3.21 ERA) takes the mound for the Angels for the 17th time in his career (5.17 ERA) in what should stand as an opportunity for yet another set of broadcasters and fans to speculate as to the wisdom of his $55 million dollar contract.

But can we be certain that Meche is morally upright?

Meche's Dark Past

-Meche played with Rey Sanchez (the 99th greatest Royal ever) on the '03 Mariners. Sanchez, played with Barry Bonds on the '98 Giants.

-Meche played with Jamie Moyer on the '06 Mariners. Moyer played with Sammy Sosa on the 1989 Rangers.

The burden of proof is on Meche. Can we be sure Meche didn't get 'roiding tips from Moyer, who heard them from Sosa seventeen years earlier?