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Game 79 Open Thread- Royals (32-46) at Angels (49-29)

The Royals look to complete an unlikely sweep of the Angels this afternoon in California. As "wheezie" points out a win would give the Royals their first winning month since 2003.

Taking the pill for the Royals is Jekyll de la Hyde (4-9, 5.75 ERA) (thanks to "Devil Fingers" for the nickname). After getting his ERA down to 3.59 on May 18th, an 8.27 ERA in June has pushed him well above 5.00 on the year.

The Angels counter with Jered Weaver (6-3, 3.80 ERA). Longtime readers with tremendous memories will know that I am no fan of names in the Jarrod/Jered sphere. I just don't understand them at all.