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Game 81 Open Thread- Sox (33-43) at Royals (34-46)

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After last night's Shane Costa fueled victory the Royals stand at 34-46 through 80 games, a seven win improvement over last season's 27-53 mark. While still percentage points behind the White Sox, a win tonight would guarantee a series victory and propel the Royals ever closer to an awe-inspiring 4th place standing.

Tonight, in the latest lineup madness, Teahen's back in the OF, with Gload making his first start since returning from the DL. The pitching matchup features Odalis Perez (4-7, 5.92 ERA) facing off against John Danks (4-6, 4.78 ERA). Danks, originally a part of the famed "DVD" trio of Ranger pitching prospects will be making his first career start against the Royals tonight.

I'm sure it will be very emotional for him.