Royal draft tomorrow, name your pick

Please list the top 3 guys you want to see the Royals draft in order, from most wanted to lesser wanted.


  1. Matt Wieters
  2. Josh Vitters
  3. Beau Mills
Since I need stupid 300 characters to satisfy the need of RR. What's below will be my venting of today's hockey game.

WTF Ottawa? WTF? WTF? WTF? Scoring in your own net, let in soft grounders, screw up 3 on 2 plays, missed a penalty shot with pathetic effort(I could do that deke, and I'm a goalie by nature, certainly not going to fool a top goalie like Jean Sebastien Giguere).

Venting over, I'm glad that Giguere won the cup finally, I met him on a plane once, VERY VERY nice guy. From all the reports I've read, he's a humble guy too. Not sure how I like Chris Pronger winning it though, the guy needs a stick to the face treatment, but unfortunately McGrattan is not on the playoff roster.

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