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MLB Draft and Royals-Indians Open Thread

The Royals have drafted Mike Moustakas with the 2nd overall pick.

Sickels on Moustakas here.
Another random profile of Mike, here. LA Times Profile, here.


A flurry of activity awaits the Royals this afternoon, as they finish up a three-game series in Cleveland beginning at 11:05, followed by the televised first round of the Draft at 12:00 1:00.

Be here or be nowhere.


In Cleveland its Odalis Perez (3-5, 5.74 ERA) against Fausto Carmona (6-1, 3.29 ERA). With the mercurial Perez against the conflicted scientist who made a deal with the Devil, it should be a matchup for the ages. One we'll cherish for all time. With a win, the Royals sneak out of Cleveland with a series victory.


A Festival of Draft Links

-Bob Dutton reported yesterday that the Royals are avoiding Scott Boras, and will choose between Josh Vitters, Matt Moustakas, Jarrod Parker, and Devin Mesoraco.

-John Sickels ranks the top pitchers and hitters on the board.

-Jim Callis of Baseball America projects the Royals will take Vitters. (Hat Tip Royals Retro)

-Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus predicts the same.

-Rich Lederer and the Baseball Analysts discuss Josh Vitters here.

-Royal Expos Fan's prediction/preference Diary on the Draft.

-Jerry Crasnick chimes in with the obligatory story about late-round stars.

-Chris Constancio presents his study of High School Pitchers. Good read.