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Game 63 Open Thread- Phillies (31-30) at Royals (23-39)

First, sorry about the lack of a game thread yesterday, I'm currently on the road, attending a wedding in San Diego... so I was a bit out of sorts yesterday. With the flights and assorted transportation accompaniments, I was almost completely oblivious to the Royals epic 8-4 victory over the hated Phillies. Better still, I discovered that Sweeney blasted two homers, this the day after I submitted to that he was "The Face of the Royals". Anyway, good timing for once, if little else.

Tonight were blessed with an intriguing Jon Lieber (2-4, 4.30 ERA) against Gil Meche (3-5, 5.00 ERA) matchup. For those who don't follow the Phillies, Lieber is the Fat One Who They Wanted to Trade, not The One That Beat His Wife, as I tend to get these things confused.

Hopefully, Meche can deliver yet another strong performance, and if not, well, hey, its summer, and we're still breathing. This team brings us enough angst as it is, and sometimes its nice to remember its all pretty stupid.

What can I say? San Diego's got me in a good mood. Fantastic place. I really don't know why anyone wouldn't live here.