A day to reflect

I've been waiting all year for this. Today is the annual "salute to the Negro Leagues" and my excitement is building as my wife gets ready for a day at the K. I started by reading Buck O'Neill's book. After that, my interest in everything Negro Leagues took off. I've read every book I could get my hands on and watched several films about them. My emotions always seem to run the gammit. I am sad that any person of color was ever denied access to the show. I get angry thinking about the bigots that made life tough on these great gentlemen. I'm happy when I hear about Satch's All-Stars beating an MLB All-Star team in exhibition. But mostly, I just wish I could've watched them play. Who knows what records could have been broken? Who would be in the Hall? What World Series would have turned out different? But, today we get a chance to honor these champions. After all they've had to endure, we owe them much more than this. But, it's nice to be able to shake hands with some men who conquered ignorance and bigotry. I have a responsibility to teach my daughter about injustice. I will teach her that nothing like that can ever happen again. It's true that seeing some old, black ballplayers won't mean a lot to her (especially because she sees them everyday on our team), but hopefully she'll look back on this day when she gets older, and realize the significance.  Basically, I just want everyone to take a minute out of their day and think about the struggles of these ballplayers and what they truly mean to our game and the history of our country. We will always love Buck. He's in OUR Hall of Fame. Today is a wonderful day to recognize them all.

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