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Game 90 Open Thread- Royals (38-51) at Indians (53-36)

For the last three weeks or so the Indians have enjoyed an incredible string of good luck, or, if you prefer, extreme clutchness in tight situations.

All Royals have a natural aversion to France.

After two seasons of under-performing their run differential, the Tribe seemingly has reversed their fate: Cleveland is 17-11 in one-run games this season, and are 5-2 in extra-inning games. Going back to two weeks ago, the Tribe won two games in come from behind/close fashion against the A's, then won three straight games over the Devil Rays by a combined four runs. Last night was much the same, as the Royals blew a 3-1 lead and turned a 4-4 9th inning tie into a dramatic Indians victory. Nevertheless, to the victors went much asserting of their moxie, never-say-die-spirit, and incomparablly virile masculine drive.

"It comes from our manager. Eric (Wedge) has a never-say-die attitude. He will never let us quit. The first thing he said when we got back to the dugout was, 'Here we go. We're going to win this game."

This is how sports is covered in the twenty-first century, with every game a referendum on the combatants' mojo, courage, etc. Maybe you believe in these things, but I for one find it tiresome and vaguely insulting to my intelligence. You mean when the Royals tied it in the 9th they weren't saying similarly positive things in the dugout? What about when the Tribe lost two of three to the Blue Jays to close the first half? What was Eric Wedge doing then? Where was the mojo? Anyway, thats a debate for another day...

In point of fact, the Royals blew a winnable game due almost totally to an inability to produce the proverbial "big hit": the Royals managed five walks, seven singles and a double, against three GIDPs and two "productive outs". Lame.

But today, or tonight rather, we wash away the grime from yesterday's withering and turn towards a Gil Meche (5-6, 3.54 ERA) tinged future. "55" shall square off against C.C. Sabathia, who in addition to being terribly fat and being named Carsten, was also actually allowed to participate in the All-Star Game. Honestly, he has all the makings of a villian and someone that needs a stern reminder of what truly being an Ace looks like.

You know the look:

The Mechey Lisa, is he smiling, smirking or mad-dogging?


Finally, here's a site worth playing around on, The Royals currently have a... well, not very large chance of making the playoffs.