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Game 94 Open Thread- Royals (40-53) at Red Sox (56-37)

Surprisingly, the Royals can lay claim to a series victory with a win tonight at Fenway. Although this time around, I'm strangely not as fired up about beating the Red Sox as I was last year. Then again, we haven't had a game devolve into paddycake and tiddlywinks yet because David Ortiz managed to steal a base (and he was out by the way), either.

In accordance with the Woody Paige Act of 1999, I'm required by law to now mention that the Red Sox payroll for 2007 is $143 million dollars.

This is all to say, if KC wins tonight, all the skinheads from Maine should be royally upset. To make that happen, first and foremost the Royals need Odalis Perez (4-8, 5.68 ERA) to fight his way through six innings and avoid melting down. Weirdly, Odie's become something of a fan favorite (or fan slightly liked) this season because he never seems to have good stuff, but somehow fights through five mediocre innings. Sure, thats actually not much to cherish, but man is born to suffer. Looking closer at Odie's game log what jumps out is the fact that the man's faced very few strong lineups outside the mandatory weekly matchups against Cleveland, or so it seems. The last time he faced the Red Sox, during the season opening series, Odie was Odie: four earned runs in 5.1 innings. Honestly, I'd take that in a heartbeat tonight.

The Red Sox counter with noted angry man Julian Tavarez (5-7, 5.15 ERA). I was under the impression that the Sox had gotten good work from Tavarez as a starter, and I actually wasn't wrong for once. As a starter in May in June, Julian posted monthly ERAs of 3.99 and 3.30 respectively. In July however, he's the owner of an 8.16 mark.

Jason Smith and Jason Larue crack the lineup tonight. John Buck is made of noodles you know. Well, maybe the lack of playing time will cheapen his arb case this winter. If rooting against my fellow man's ability to enrich himself is un-American, then I don't know what America means.