Reality Check

We are all currently residing on Cloud 9 - perhaps rightfully so - but I feel obligated to point out what should be a major concern for Royals fans.

The starting rotation is simply not going far enough into the game. Bell has done a masterful job thusfar since the All-Star break, aided by some roster moves that have essentially allowed him to work with a pitching staff of about 13 instead of 12 guys, but you can only juggle the balls for so long before the shit hits the fan. (Clown analogy just for you, Fire Bell!) The starters have managed to go only a total of 28 innings in the last 6 starts. Starting tomorrow, the team will play 33 games over the next 34 days. If this continues, the bullpen HAS to be adversely effected. You simply cannot expect a bullpen to average 4 innings per night - they will implode.

More cause for concern: The "solution" to this potential pitfall, apparently, will be to put Elarton back in the rotation? I understand if they think Nunez needs more seasoning, or if they prefer Nunez in a relief role - but come on, they gotta find a better option than Elarton, don't they?

I'll end with Elarton's combined stats for the season - this is his totals for Wichita, Omaha, and KC in 2007:

IP: 88.1
H: 107
ER: 73
BB: 39
K: 36
HR: 25

After you recover from reading that (FYI - cold compresses work well for headaches), I'll conclude by saying what I think has happened to Elarton. He was a pitcher who was barely able to get by with his marginal stuff, and now his stuff has been diminshed by his injury and subsequent surgery to the point where he might just be completly washed up. Cruel to say, but it's what I think.

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