Let's do a little Dreaming about next year's roster!

Doing a little dreaming after the amazing win last night. I came up with the roster and line up that I would love to see next year. Lets see everyones projected rosters. They must be somewhat realistic. With some aquisitions that could be possible. Mine could be a little far fetched, but is possible. I feel our two biggest needs are a base stealing lead off man, and a power hitting 1st basemen. Looking at the market two people stand out. Keep in mind we are freeing up a lot of salary by finally getting rid of some key people we all know who they are.
That being said here is my line up and roster for next year.

Starting Line Up

  1. Eric Byrnes CF
  2. David Dejesus LF
  3. Billy Butler DH
  4. Adam Dunn 1B
  5. Alex Gordon 3B
  6. Mark Teahan RF
  7. John Buck C
  8. Estaban German 2B
  9. Tony Pena Jr SS
Joey Gathright OF
Mike Aviles IF
Shane Costa OF
Ross Gload IF
Matt Tupman C


  1. Gil Meche
  2. Joakim Soria
  3. Brian Bannister
  4. Jorge De La Rosa
  5. Luke Hochevar
  1. Brando Duckworth
  2. Leo Nunez
  3. Joel Peralta
  4. John Bale
  5. Jimmy Gobble
  6. David Riske Setup Man
  7. Zach Grienke Closer

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