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Game 83 Open Thread- Mariners (45-33) at Royals (34-48)

When the Mariners defeated the Royals 7-1 on May 27th -- completing a three-game sweep no less -- I was sure that the Battle for Grass Creek, Wyoming was settled for another year.

Apparently not.

Although the Mariners have already claimed Grass Creek for 2007 by virtue of winning five of their first six games against the Royals, Bell's boys have been granted a random supplementary three-game set with the M's at home, and a chance to reassert Royal pride across the vast expanse of land between KC and Seattle. This week's series is thus a special chance for payback with thousands of square miles and the hearts of hundreds of fans on the line.

Taking the ball tonight for the Royals is "All-Star Gil Meche" (5-6, 3.28 ERA). In his first season in KC, Meche has not only lived up to his (in)famous contract, he's redefined heroic masculine virtue with his steely reserve and clear disdain for having his photo taken.

Rumor has it that Meche will be appearing on the cover of next month's Contemptuous Male magazine.

Meche squares off against "King Felix" Hernandez (4-4, 4.33 ERA), a delightful young man who makes only $420,000 dollars a year for his services.

With another chance to punk his former team before him, I have no doubt that Meche and the Royals will prevail tonight against the hated Mariners.    


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