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Game 95 Open Thread- Royals (41-53) at Tigers (57-36)

Riding high on two straight victories over the Red Sox at Fenway, the Royals find no easier quarter tonight, facing off against the streaking Tigers. Challenging the Royals this evening will be noted psychotic jerk, cheater, and posing-as-a-tough-guy-on-the-mound expert Kenny Rogers (3-1, 2.82 ERA). Thankfully, Barry Bonds and Neifi Perez already destroyed our national innocence, so Kenny's antics are so so easy to take.  Like a finger of Drambuie after a long day.

Don't  worry, Kenny apologized sincerely, accepted his suspension without protest and sat out the All-Star game and never attacked again is chilled out now.

The Royals counter with Gil Meche (6-6, 3.69 ERA), making this truly a battle for the ages. According to Bless You Boys our own JoePo will be in Detroit signing copies of his book.