Just need to get this off my chest...

And no I'm not talking about my "man-boobs," though the diet indeed starts Monday.  Alright, it's been way too long since I've had time to take part in this fabulous site, but I've suddenly been hit with some down time, so here goes.

Now, I'm sure this has already been covered ad nauseam, but I think that Buddy Bell should be absolutely ashamed of himself for tainting what should have been a breakout year for John Buck.  Sure, Buck has struggled with consistency, but that's because Bell stubbornly hasn't given him the 5 to 6 starts a week he deserves.

Secondly, I have no confidence when De La Rosa and Perez are starting.  And Scott Elarton?!  Really??!  I mean we couldn't bring back Eduardo Villacis for Tuesday's start?!  Good grief.  I've seen Elarton pitch twice in Omaha, and the only thing "Scotty" will do is beam up a handful of home runs.  Leo Nunez, Matt Wright, and Billy Buckner are options I'd rather see as opposed to the aforementioned disheartening triumvirate.

I know this is kind of harsh, and believe me, I am pleased as flippin' punch that the Royals have been playing some decent ball the past two months, but I think it's in spite of moves by Bell.  This could be a .500 ball club with a manager in charge who had more common sense.  (The lack of a consistent lineup and some of the players he has batted in the 4-spot is absolutely pathetic.)  And I feel bad saying that because Buddy is supposed to be a great guy...but damn it gets frustrating.  And I'm a big believer in Dayton, but bringing back Elarton and continuing to run Odalis out there falls on his shoulders just as much.

My admittedly "out of left field" comment is that I would like to see the Royals give Craig Brazell a shot at 1B the rest of this season.  Sure, it's hard to be objective since I see him play regularly in Omaha, and yeah he's probably just another AAAA player.  However, sometimes guys have magical or "charmed" seasons - regardless of the level they are at - and I believe Brazell is having it this year.  Listen, do we really need to see anymore of Ryan Shealy?  I mean the dude has such a long, lethargic swing that he looks like he's on heroin and swinging through molasses up there.  Let Butler and Brazell trade off the 1B/DH position the rest of the season.  And, no, Ross Gload is not an offensive first baseman.  Good with the glove and a gritty vet to have on the bench, but that's the extent of it.  Here's the lineup I'd like to see the rest of the way:

Gathright - LF
Grudzielanek - 2B
Butler - DH
Brazell - 1B
Teahen - RF
DeJesus - CF
Gordon - 3B
Buck - C
Pena - SS

And German should definitely be the first guy off the bench when someone gets a night off.

Thanks for letting me vent.  I'm eagerly waiting for the Royal Renaissance.  Go Royals!

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