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Game 98 Open Thread- Yankees (51-46) at Royals (43-54)

Consider this the most anticipatory game thread ever posted in the history of the internet. While, I feel absolutely dreadful about this, but theres no way around it, since I'll be hopping from St. Martin to Puerto Rico to Texas Monday. Not a good setup for being online, especially after double-checking to verify that, yes, the airport in San Juan (where I'll be for an eternity) is still stuck in 1985.

So here we are.

After a fantastic road trip the Royals are now dead tied with the White Sox for fourth place in the division, an alternatively meaningless and fascinating occurrence. As I mentioned over the weekend, theres no real way of predicting how the rest of the season will go; arguably worse Royal teams than this one have finished strong, and some fairly OK teams have completely cratered over the final two months. No matter what, its amazing that we're even having a discussion of who'll end up with more victories, the Royals or the 2005 World Champs.

Tonight, not only do the hated Yankees come to town, but also Roger Clemens (2-4, 3.88 ERA). Clemens hasn't pitched against the Royals since June 17th, 2005, a 7-0 Astros win.

The Royals counter with Odalis Perez (5-8, 5.84 ERA), which seems bad, until you consider that Scott Elarton is pitching Tuesday. Unstoppable baby!

Great work on the diaries y'all, tons of good stuff there.