Royals need to start walking the walk

Admittedly, 2007 is (another) rebuilding year for the Royals.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but the main purpose of a rebuilding year is to give experience to young players.  Dayton Moore can't say enough about how important it is to develop young players and evaluate talent of players who may have a future with the team.  That being said, it is flustering that Jason LaRue and, before going on the DL, Mike Sweeney were regulars in the starting lineup while promising young players such as John Buck and Billy Butler warmed the bench and, in Butler's case, posed as a farmhand.  In order for a rebuilding year to truly be effective, the team needs to honestly evaluate each players' future with the team, and if that future can be measured in weeks or months, give playing time accordingly.  No one is asking Buddy Bell to bench Sanders, Grudzielanek and LaRue indefinitely (except maybe benching LaRue wouldn't be a bad idea), a veteran presence is vital to a young player's development.  That being said, the team needs to have a good idea what they've got by the time spring training opens next year, and that's hard to accomplish when a third of the starting lineup will likely note be on the Royals' roster that day.  So, if you have a chance, do me a favor and vote on which players below that I list that YOU think should be part of the team's long term plans.  Feel free to mention others who there weren't room to list on the comment board.

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