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Game 100 Open Thread- Yankees (54-46) at Royals (43-56)

First, I'm keeping this a skimpy post so that today's reaction to my meltdown last night stays a little nearer to the top of the page. As usual, the members of the RR community rose to the occasion with the reasoned, informed and hard-boiled commentary thats become the norm here. (This mini-thread alone contains more substance than you'll find on all but a handful of sites/media outlets.) Thanks again to everyone who has weighed in; I'm continually amazed by the depth, patience, and intelligence of the Royal fanbase.

Since then, Elarton has reportedly been waived, while rumors abound that Reggie Sanders has been traded. There's even a flight being tracked, reminiscent of college football coaching rumors. Heady times, indeed.

Tonight, its Gil Meche (7-6, 3.63 ERA) against the perpetually annoyed Mike Mussina (4-7, 4.97 ERA). The over/under on the number of times Mussina's Stanford pedigree is mentioned by either the TV or radio broadcast is 6.5. The number of times the YES feed mentions 5 years/$55 million for Gil Meche is 5.5.