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Game 103 Open Thread- Rangers (46-57) at Royals (45-57)

First, a word about the Emil Brown + Pellet Gun situation. While I can understand that the shooting was probably an accident and that it was "just a BB gun" what I can't understand is why Emil wields joke, boy weaponry in the first place. Emil Brown was born in 1974 and on December 29th, he'll turn 33. Didn't he learn anything at Indian River Community College? Apparently not. No, I don't believe Emil should be cut or even suspended for the incident. But I do think the fact that a 32 year old would find it cool, fun, neato, or rad to pack a BB gun in his locker, along with the fact that he wasn't laughed out of the lockerroom by his peers whenever he first brought it in, a fairly damning indication of the endemic stupidity of baseball and jock culture.

Emil, you're making $3.45 million this season, mix in an iPhone and emulate 16 year olds everywhere by putting away the BB gun.

Then again, I never played the game so maybe I'm not qualified to talk.


Tonight its Kevin Millwood (7-8, 5.56 ERA) against Odalis Perez (5-9, 5.80 ERA) with this fate of northern Oklahoma again on the line.

• Flanagan on the Buck-LaRue situation, complete with a vague declaration from Buddy.

• Dick Kaegel on the similarities between Rick Hummel and Denny Matthews.

• Tim Marchman of the NY Sun on the "Myth of Ripken" and its motivations. Tremendous read.


Royals Review Random Prediction Contest!!

Predict tonight's score and winner in the game thread. The winner will receive a free RR T-Shirt. Entries lock with the first pitch, scores/results are claimed on a first come, first serve basis.