Teahen's Free Pass

Anyone know why Teahen has received a free pass this season?  Despite the promise he showed last year, Teahen has been little more than a singles hitter this year.  In fact, his numbers are very similar to Pena's, whose hitting, or lack thereof, is routinely critized on RR and who is commonly viewed as a stop gap until the Royals can find a legit, long-term shortstop.  

              G     AB    R    H   2B   3B   HR   RBI   TB   BB    OBP   SLG   AVG  
Teahen    101  386  59  110  20   6    5    45    157   42   .358   .407   .285
Pena       100  356  45  102  19   6    1    38    136    7    .303   .382   .287

Teahen is one of my favorite players, and I have been impressed overall with his transition to the outfield.  But his hitting this year has me concerned because everyone views the future heart of our line-up as Teahen/Butler/Gordon.  Is Teahen just in a slump?  Or was his second half last year an aberration?

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