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Game 84 Open Thread- Mariners (45-34) at Royals (35-48)

Of our praising of the glories of last night there can be no end. No words or phrases can fully capture the joy we felt watching/hearing/reading Emil lift a sacrifice fly to win the game in the 11th inning.

Thats what the Battle for Grass Creek is all about.

Tonight a transfixed nation will watch Ryan Feierabend (1-2, 6.46 ERA) make his first career start against the Royals. Feierabend is a native of Cleveland OH, where Feierabend is a very common name. Its like Jones there. Really.

Matching up against Feierabend and carrying the banner of Royal Pride and Dayton Moore's scouting acumen is Jekyll de la Hyde (5-9, 5.38 ERA).

Memories will be made tonight that we'll cherish until the day we die: Feierabend-de la Rosa, Mariners-Royals! Excitement like this has no equal in the animal kingdom, it is a unique joy only possible to human beings.


I'll be on the road today, driving through Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, hence the super early Game Thread.-RR