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Trade Deadline Open Thread: Dotel-Davies is Done

Jenn Sterger's covering the Trade Deadline for, right? Think of how effective she'd be as an inside information gatherer...

I'll keep this updated as news does or doesn't roll in. Will this trade deadline be the snore-fest many have predicted, or, as Tennyson said, will "some work of noble note, may yet be done"?

• Flanagan on Teahen's power outage.

• Rob Neyer will be chatting at ESPN at 12 ET.

• Rosenthal's latest includes no new news on Dotel, but does mention that Troy Glaus could be on the block.

• Will Carroll had this to say about the Dotel-Davies trade, the one that some people have referred to as done (as in completed) while others feel its distant:

A couple of days ago, Octavio Dotel was thought to be one of the top available relievers. Now, he's going to be dealt in a secondary deal made for Kyle Davies, a guy that the Braves coaching staff had lost faith in. How did Dotel's value drop--or did it? The Indians had their offer on the table (thought to be Ben Francisco), and the Tigers never seemed to jump in. The Dodgers haven't been able to do much of anything because of arguments about who's untouchable and who isn't within that organization. Royals GM Dayton Moore knows Kyle Davies from his days in the Braves organization, and that familiarity plus Davies' upside made this deal happen.

AJC on the Dotel-Davies rumor. Davies stats here.

• According to the Seattle PI, the Dotel-Davies deal is done, only official announcement is being delayed until the Teixeira deal goes final.

• The Cleveland Plain Dealer isn't giving up the ghost that the Tribe still remains interested in Dotel. According to the PD, Detroit is also a player.

• One odd slightly interesting thing about Davies, he's actually named "Hiram Kyle Davies", but appears to be known exclusively as Kyle. I'm shocked that someone growing up in Georgia and employed in baseball would drop Hiram.

Update [2007-7-31 13:45:59 by royalsreview]:

Jayon Stark reports that the Dotel-Davies trade is finalized, still just waiting on the Tex trade to go through.


Update [2007-7-31 14:51:3 by royalsreview]:

Jayson Stark has reported on ESPN's TV special that Dotel-Davies is done, final, official, and everything else.