Interview With Dayton Moore

I just finished listening to the Dayton Moore on 810.  He mentioned that the trade for Davies allows them to get a young starting pitcher who they can control through 2011.  He adds to the stable of pitchers in the KC system, which does not have great depth.  Kyle Davies will start one of the games in New York, probably Friday or Saturday.  He said it is important to get him into the rotation.  Kyle has a compact delivery, very good stuff, three above average pitches, but get in trouble with leaving his fastball up in the zone.  He also mentioned he has a good delivery, and that he didn't have any major flaws they wanted to fix.  Dayton also said Kyle has a good curve ball and a straight change.  Dayton and the scouting staff believed that this was the best deal available for them.  There were no hitters offered to them who projected to be more than a number seven hitter so they took a change on a young pitcher.  

With Dotel gone, Soria will close games.  They like Zack pitching multiple innings.  Also, they want to be able to limit Soria's innings b/c he has pitched all year.  With both players Dayton mentioned that they are not sure of there future roles.  They are still deciding.

Dayton seems to want to keep Nunez a starter now b/c it allows him to better develop his control of his off speed pitches.  He likes the development Nunez is showing so they don't want to convert to the bullpen.  There long term plan is for Nunez to be a reliever because they don't think his body can handle being a starter due to his delivery.  

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