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Royals 17, Mariners 3 (36-48)

Clearly the Mariner pitching staff was devastated by Mike Hargrove's lack of passion.

The Royals pounded out 16 hits alongside four walks which, while nice, isn't a lock to produce 17 runs. But when you only strand eight men all night and mix in three sac flies well, there you go.

The Royals scored 17 runs with only four extra-base hits.

I'll be on the road again today, driving through Arkansas and Texas. For the curious, no, despite spending time in Missouri, Tennessee and Arkansas yesterday during game time, I couldn't bring in a station carrying the Royals game. (Although I had plenty of Cardinal options.) Punishment for my sometimes sarcastic radio affiliate profiles I guess.

NHZ should be in with a Spreadsheet Baseball post later today.

"Home Run Tony Cogan"'s diary on the All-Time Post-Strike Royals Team should be required reading at all metro area schools. As should "nycroyal"'s response.