September Roster / Second Half Predictions

I'd like to know what everyone's September roster will look like...perhaps a combination of what you feel it should look like and what you believe it will look like.

Here's my roster on September 1, one day after the last trade deadline.

Starting Lineup:

CF - David DeJesus (a stud who, because of his ability to draw walks and tremendous plate discipline - deserves to hit leadoff)
2B - Esteban German (good bat control, solid singles/BA hitter)
DH - Billy Butler (he will have earned it by Sep. 1)
3B - Alex Gordon (the future spot for Gordon...not the perfect option for Sep. 1, but the best option)
RF - Mark Teahen (moved down because of power issues, which, IMO, are only temporary)
C - John Buck (15 HR's before the break? Yeah, the SLG has all but earned him this spot)
1B - Craig Brazell/Justin Huber (call Brazell up and give the 27-year old perhaps his final shot. Why not? Use Huber against lefties.)
LF - Joey Gathright/Mitch Maier (I'd like to see Buddy give Gathright a few cracks at leadoff as well...give Maier his opportunity)
SS - Tony Pena (thrives where he belongs)


C - Jason LaRue (veteran know the bit)
C - Paul Phillips (I'd like him to get the bulk of the back-up playing time)
1B - Ross Gload (Probably won't develop enough trade value at the deadline...he might be worth keeping around in 2008 strictly as a utilityman/backup - with a new manager who will use him properly, of course)
1B - Mike Sweeney (as much as I like him, I think we should hold off playing him until the final week of the season, or so...for pride purposes)
2B - Fernando Cortez (backup infielder for now)
RF - Shane Costa (one final chance?)


SP - Gil Meche (....yep )
SP - Odalis Perez (he'll likely have to play out the remainder of this season with the R's...can't see him building trade value)
SP - Jorge De La Rosa (I'd love to see him put together a solid rebound)
SP - Brian Bannister (keep him going, but limit his innings)
SP - Matt Wright (give him a shot!)

SS/LR/Mop-Up - Billy Buckner (alternative him and Matt Wright in the rotation...give Buckner a couple spot-starts, let him work in non-pressure situations in relief)
LR/Mop-Up - Neal Musser
LR/Mop-Up - Ryan Braun
LR/Mop-Up - John Bale
MR - Brandon Duckworth (keep in middle-relief role if no injuries to pitching staff...if injuries then move him back)
MR - Zack Greinke (same role/6th & 7th inning...early relief appearances on Perez/Wright/Bannister days...keep him in the role he thrives!)
MR - Jimmy Gobble (Situational/7th inning)
MR - Joel Peralta (7th inning role)
MR - David Riske (he's worth keeping for at least the next year)
CL - Joakim Soria (he's earned it)

Don't mess up what's working! Don't tamper with the bullpen!


  • Scott Elarton (or let him clear waivers and throw frisbees at Omaha)
  • John Thomson (if he clears waivers, then send him to Omaha for remainder of season)
  • Ryan Shealy (I'm just about done with this experiment)
  • Trade:
  • Emil Brown ------ AA D-level prospect (organizational filler, possible MLB backup)
  • Octavio Dotel ------ B+ low-level prospect pitcher / throw-in organizational filler
  • Mark Grudzielanek ------ C-level prospect (middle-infielder)
  • Reggie Sanders ------- anything (if not traded, keep him on bench in extremely limited duty, force Buddy to give Maier, Huber, and Costa more P.T. - I know it will be difficult for Buddy...but do it anyway)
  • -Leo Nunez ----- use as possible throw-in to any of the trades above


  • Keep Hochevar in Wichita for remainder of season.
  • Keep Joe Nelson in rehabilitation/minors for remainder of season.
  • Let Sean Thompson prove himself in AAA and then shut him down.
  • Andres Blanco - his time even playing for Omaha is likely coming to an end.
  • Angel Sanchez - let him rehabilitate
  • Here are some of my predictions for the second half:
  • Gordon will continue to hit, but without power
  • Butler will strike out a lot and walk little, but demonstrate his raw abilities with power
  • Bannister will continue to pitch effectively, but won't be as "dominant" as he was in the first half
  • Meche will remain a stud #1
  • Our bullpen will regress a little - they will be effective but not as dominant as shown in first half
  • Our offense will improve, and we will hit much better in clutch/key situations
  • Tony Pena, Jr. will regress to Berroa-like levels offensively, but remain solid defensively
  • The Royals, as a whole, will improve defensively with adventures like Emil Brown off the team
  • For the first time, Bell will use John Buck and Joey Gathright in full-time (or near full-time) roles
  • Starter Billy Buckner will get the call in August, and starter Matt Wright will be promoted in September
  • Ross Gload will remain with the team, and hit in the cleanup role 70% of the time
  • David DeJesus will raise his average to above .300, and end with a solid .312 batting average
  • The Royals will strike gold with another pitcher (a la Bannister), albeit for a short period of time (August through final game)
  • Mike Sweeney will play the final week with the Royals - even if he isn't ready to return - and receive standing ovation on final home game.
  • Jack

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