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Game 114 Open Thread- Blue Jays (57-56) at Royals (50-63)

Does anyone else miss the old Blue Jays uniforms? This isn't some retro-engineered nostalgia either, at least not from my end. Whenever I watched the Blue Jays (is it just "Jays" now?) as a kid, I always felt that their uniforms were somehow futuristic or avant-garde, an impression based largely on the unique uniform font and the fact that, as a Canadian franchise, they were perhaps granted the license to think outside the box a little bit. Probably a wrong-headed assumption on many levels, but not totally ludicrous either given the fact that the Blue Jays played in a fantastically advanced marvel known as "Skydome". No article needed, just Skydome.

The 1992 Toronto uniforms, courtesy of the Dressed to the Nines online exhibit at the H.O.F..

Now, just like everyone else, the Blue Jays have a more menacing logo and have incorporated black to a seemingly endlessly fluctuating extent. A sad development, but alas, man is born to suffering.

Tonight its hometown boy (Excelsior Springs) Chone Sean Shawn Shaun Marcum (8-4, 3.63 ERA) on the mound for the fightin' mad Blue Jays. With the kind of numbers Marcum has put up, if he'd only been signed to a $55 million dollar contract this winter, think how smart J.P. Riccardi could have looked? Instead, they've got to settle for getting good work out of a guy making $380K. What fun is that?

Of course, our beloved Gil Meche (7-9, 3.96 ERA) needs no reminder of whats at stake tonight, considering that the Toronto frontman famously questioned his interest in winning after turning down the Jays for more sweet Royal cash.

As Randy Moss once said, "straight cash homie".