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Game 115 Open Thread- Blue Jays (58-56) at Royals (50-64)

Well, at least they weren't ho-hit.

Lost in the offensive frustration was a nice outing by Gil Meche (7-10, 3.95 ERA). Actually, that isn't quite true on multiple counts. First, nothing Gil does has been overlooked this season due to The Contract, and we've all be thoroughly appreciative and praise-worthy at every appropriate occasion. Second, yes, Gil only allowed two runs, but because of the way he labored through the Blue Jay lineup (allowing seven hits), he was also toast after five innings.

Tonight, its the blossoming RR community favorite Leo Nunez (1-0, 1.93 ERA) on the bump for the hometeam. After two mostly ineffective years in the Royal bullpen, it looks as if Nunez may have turned a corner. For the record, his 1.93 ERA has been compiled as such: four innings against NY, six against Texas and four against Boston. Thats a tough crowd, to say the least.

The Jays counter Dustin McGowan (8-5, 4.11 ERA). According to the US Census, Dustin peaked as a baby name in 1984 and 1985, when it was the 41st most popular male name. McGowan was born 1982, in Georgia. Nationwide, Dustin was the 42nd most popular male name that year. In Georgia, it was the 40th most popular name. Since 1998, its not only fallen out of the top 100, its dropped all the way to 259th most popular, its least popular rank since 1969, the year after it cracked top 1000.    


I'll actually be at the Chiefs-Browns game tonight in Cleveland. Chris at Arrowhead Pride has been doing a great job this offseason, and will have a RR-style Game Thread up if anyone wants to speculate on the other KC team.